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Cause of Toothache is Often the Case
The cause of toothache is very varied. Toothache can change a person's mood drastically. As a woman who is very sensitive when menstruating, a man would be very sensitive if you are experiencing toothache supremely. This is common throughout the world. Generally, tooth pain sufferers will experience pain that is commonly called the throbbing pain in head, throbbing, aching, and more. Toothache is often the most widely experienced by people who have less intact oral hygiene. Of course you do not want a toothache is not it? Therefore, let us learn what causes toothaches so that we can avoid it.

injury teeth

Tooth decay is a cause that is very common in almost all people in the world. But tooth decay is not the only cause of toothache. Tooth decay is very diverse, one of which is dental cavities. Damage to tooth decay starts from tooth decay outermost layer is the enamel. If only the tooth enamel decay / damage, usually in this condition the teeth are not going to hurt. However, if the decay has spread to a layer of dentin, tooth will become sensitive. In the next condition is when the damage has reached in the layer in which the pulp of the tooth. In these conditions it is very painful tooth.


The presence of bacteria is one of the cavities. The bacteria can cause decay in the enamel, dentin and pulp. However, the presence of bacteria that damage the teeth is one cause mistakes. Error? Perhaps more precisely is careless or lazy. Because lazy in cleaning the teeth from leftovers make do spoilage bacteria on tooth surfaces.


An abscess is a condition where the tooth roots are filled with pus. It is a further result of the cavities. When the inner layer or pulp had rotted and infection, the pulp tissue will die so that the roots of the teeth will be filled with pus. Well, in this condition the teeth will ache throb.

Gum disease

Typically, gum disease occurs due to inflammation that causes the gums swollen, red, and even bleed. Is a condition called gingivitis. Gingivitis is often caused by yan oral hygiene is not maintained. Factors that may cause gingivitis include diabetes, smoking, stress, lack of nutrition, puberty, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, substance abuse, HIV infection, and the use of certain drugs.
If gingivitis is not treated immediately will cause a toothache. How could that happen? In short, gingivitis is not treated immediately the longer it will make gum irritation. Conditions like this will cause damage to the gum tissue and bone gum also called periodontitis.

Cracked tooth

The cracks in the teeth occur due to several factors. Sometimes over time we have an accident which could cause our teeth to crack or even break. It could be when you exercise, drive, and doing other activities. In certain cases, cracking teeth can damage tooth nerve. This could happen if the fracture line passing through the neural pathways so that the teeth will ache. However, not always the tooth cracks occurred due to an accident. Sometimes teeth have cracks that are not even visible. These conditions are called the cracked tooth syndrome (Cracked Tooth Syndrome). One factor cracked tooth syndrome is the process of chewing food, such as, is like when chewing, or food that has more hard texture.


Bruxism is a swipe of the upper teeth with the lower teeth so that the sound is quite loud. This can cause cracked or broken teeth and damaged the nerves, causing pain in the teeth. Should not accustomed to doing so.

Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is correct the alignment of teeth is not normal to use braces. Naturally treatment with braces is not without risk. The risk is pain arising due to the pull of braces.


Sinuses can cause pain to the entire contents of the mouth or only to certain areas.

How Brushing is Not True

It can cause nerve damage to the tooth root. If frequent friction on the gums when brushing your teeth would be very dangerous. As a result, the teeth will be highly sensitive to food and drinks hot or too cold. These conditions are also called the roots of the teeth sensitive. Not only correct way of brushing teeth, but we also need a toothbrush shape that matches the shape of our mouths. The friction so that the risk can be avoided.


Impacting condition in which the teeth are just beginning to grow, but collided with long teeth that have not been uprooted. Finally the new tooth will grow at an angle that is not good. So the new teeth that emerge will cause pain in the teeth.

dental Italic

Beveled teeth can be caused by abnormal dentition.

hormone imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is common in four periods, namely during puberty, menstruation, menopause and pregnancy. However, the cause of toothache this one commonly experienced by women. Before menstruation usually women will experience a disruption in the gums due to hormonal fluctuations causing toothache.

Food Too Sweet

The food was too sweet will lead to a sense of pain in patients with sensitive teeth. In addition, the food was too sweet very helpful for bacteria to decay the teeth. So as much as possible to avoid foods that are too sweet, or after consuming food that is too sweet tooth brushing immediately. Because the food is too sweet to be the cause of the pain of cavities.

Consuming Beverage Cans

Did you know that the chemicals contained in drinks cans can make your teeth brittle? Should avoid canned drinks because they can cause decay in the teeth so that the teeth will be hollow.

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