Friday, November 18, 2016

Characteristics And Types archaebacteria

Here are the characteristics of archaebacteria:

  1. Body structure is simple and is suspected as the first creatures in the world.
  2. Peptidoglycan cell wall does not have (peptidoglycan = polymeric carbohydrates and proteins)
  3. The body size from 0.1 to 200 lm.
  4. Live solitary (alone) or in groups.
  5. Varied shapes (spherical, rod, spiral, or rectangle).
  6. Live in extreme environments (hot water, larvae, seabed, sea with high salt content, the acidic environment)

Types of archaebacteria

  1. Halophilic archaebacteria: habitat in environments with salinity (salt content) is high, for example: Halobacterium.
  2. Methanogenic archaebacteria: obtain nutrients from the decaying organic matter and produce methane, for example: Methanococcus.
  3. Archaebacteria Sulfur Reduction: utilize hydrogen and inorganic sulfur as an energy source, for example: Sulfolobus.
  4. Archaebacteria Thermoasidofilik: live by oxidizing the sulfur in the environment such as volcanic craters, holes volcanoes or volcanic sulfur springs.

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