Sunday, November 20, 2016

Concept Plankton and ZooplanktonPlankton is a group of organisms that live floating around in the water / marine groups, in addition to benthos and nekton, swimming has a very weak power, which means that they can not fight the current.

Plankton are divided into two main groups of phytoplankton are microscopic plankton of the classifications of plants and zooplankton, which are plankton from the class of animals that live in the sea and is very diverse, which consists of various forms of larvae and adult forms owned nearly all the animal phyla.

The size of plankton are very diverse, from the smallest, called ultra plankton size of 60-70 microns, which is too small to be collected with regular plankton net and can only be gathered in a way is collected by taking large amounts of sea water.

Plankton are sometimes found floating on the surface of the water, at the bottom, or hovering meet the water column. Plankton is no actively moving like animals in general, but some are able to perform assimilation (photosynthesis) as well as plants on land.

Zooplankton is an animal plankton is a major consumer of phytoplankton. Further stated although the amount, type, and lesser density of phytoplankton, zooplankton form a more diverse group. At least nine phyla represents a group of zooplankton and its size is very diverse, from very small or microscopic to a diameter of more than 1 micron.

Zooplankton can be classified by the duration of his life as plankton. The first is holoplankton (permanent plankton) that the organisms that live as plankton during his lifetime. The second is meroplankton (plankton temporary) that the organisms that live as plankton only a portion of their life cycle, such as during egg or larval stage.

The largest part of the zooplankton are members of the phylum Arthropoda and almost all of them belong to a class of crustaceans. In addition to the very dominant copepods, crustaceans holoplanktonik in there are also members of the order Cladocera, ostracods subclass, Mysidacea orders, order Amphipoda, Euphausiacea order, and the order Decapoda. Most crustaceans mentioned are animals holoplankton small.

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