Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Keep a Canary Bird As a PetA canary is so called because it originated in the Canary Islands – it actually belongs to the finch family.

A canary is an extremely entertaining pet to have around, because it will fill your house with song. That is where the phrase sing like a canary comes from, though it does have an unsavory feel. Actually singing canaries bring joy and satisfaction to the hearer, because the bird can sing well, in a range of tones and sounds.

The canary is a small bird, often yellow in color when wild, but available in a vast array of colors as a domesticated bird. It is cheerful and provides company to different people of all age groups. It can live between six and ten years.

Housing the canary

You should but a large flight cage for the canary, which is wide, rather than tall, so that it can fly within the cage. The gap between the bars should not be more than half an inch, otherwise the canary can pop its head out and even strangulate itself.

The cage should ideally be made of metal, though bamboo and wooden ones are also available. Metal cages are easier to clean and keep clean and last a long time. You should keep at least one if not more perch in the cage for the canary to perch on. If you keep perches at different heights, the canary will have to fly from one to the other. The perch should not be overly smooth, because it will be more difficult to grip.

Mirrors, bells, swings and other toys should be put in the cage, to offer a variety and keep the canary entertained.

Feeding the bird

You can special seed mixes for the bird or even make your own. You should always have a small bowl of seed mix for the bird to feed on. Sprouted seeds are particularly healthy. However, you should also offer it fruits and vegetables (though you should avoid lettuce, onion, celery, mushroom, avocado, tomato, salt, and mango). These should be given in moderation and whatever is left by night should be cleaned out.

Vegetables which you would normally eat raw can be offered to the pet in a raw state, while those that are usually had cooked should be cooked, cut up and given. Occasionally you can also give chopped hard boiled egg to the canary.

Water should always be available for the canary to drink. You can keep both feed and water in adjoining bowls, which should be kept on one side and not under any perch, to prevent from getting contaminated with bird droppings.

Keeping the pet canary safe

Keep the cage away from draughts and direct sunlight you don’t want your pet getting too hot or cold. That said, canaries are pretty hardy. Also canaries, need their rest, so if the room is always lit it would be a good idea to cover the cage with a cloth which will allow for ventilation but cut the light.

You should also keep a large enough bowl of water or a bird bath for the canary to bathe in at least a few times a week. It should be shallow and not enough to cover the bird and drown it!

Teaching and training your bird

If you take a baby bird and hand train it slowly and gradually, it will get used to you and be able to eat from you. You can also train it to sing. Keep in mind that male canaries sing better than female ones.

You can play recordings of canaries singing and soon your pet bird will also pick up the songs.

Keeping a pet canary does not entail too much work, is suitable for a beginner pet owner and give hours of pleasure and entertainment as well.

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