Friday, November 25, 2016

How to play Launcpad Pro android

UniPad Application Features:

1. Unipack tool system allows users to play any kind of music you want.
2. Unipad very similar to a real launch pad
3. Unipad supports colorful LED.
4. Do not know how to play a song? Autoplay feature will take care of it.
5.You can connect the real launch pad. (MK2, MKS, Some models / High-power model is supported.)

   How to play :

1. First you must first download of her song, I click on the app store unipad
2. If you have already downloaded the music that you want to return to the main menu application unipad
3. Click the title of the music you downloaded
4. My advice to first and then click AutoPlay and follow the tutorial Pause (follow the green button)

   android requirements:

Free memory 2GB / Free Space 2GB
1GB Ram


Play Google (PlayStore)

   Advantages :

  • In this application we can create his own music project, for the tutorial can be found on youtube
  • We can download music project in addition to the store
  • We can export results Project downloads from youtube or artificial result of the project itself.
  • We can connect to the pro launchpad launchpad unipad and other

   That was the article on How to play the Launchpad android may be useful, please share this article helpful if you think.

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