Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reproduction and Growth of BacteriaThe reproduction process in the cycle of growth of the bacterial populations occur amitosis also called binary fission. Binary fission is a process of asexual reproduction in bacteria where after the formation of the cell wall of the cell splits into two daughter cells, wherein each of the daughter cells capable of repeating the same process again.

The growth of bacteria and microbes refers to changes in cell mass accretion and not the individual changes. Growth means to increase the substance of life is not reversible is accompanied by the increase of the size and cell division. In multicellular organisms the growth process causes increased cell size while the single-celled organisms, causing the cells to multiply growth.

Overview initial growth phase of the bacteria to stop holding the activity seen in microbial growth curve, where the curve is generally divided into several phases of growth, namely:

  1. Phase lag / adaptation phase / phase setting for an activity of microbes in the new environment.
  2. Phase exponential / logarithmic: is the phase of cell division with a maximum speed so that the curve increases sharply.
  3. Stationary phase: is a constant growth phase in which the number of cells that live in balance with the dead
  4. Death phase: is the phase where the number of cells dropped sharply so that the increase of the cell due to the increase of the cell can not compensate for the number of cells that die.

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