Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stages of Development of Fruit Flies
Insects are one organism that has the highest diversity. This condition is followed by relatively rapid development and in large numbers. This causes the insect maintain the survival of each species. In addition to the time required for development from early phase to adulthood relatively short.
Most groups of insects undergo metamorphosis in its development. Metamorphosis is the change in the form of living beings from the larval stages to become mature. Each insect has a distinctively different phase for each stage of development. This facilitates the observation and how to learn it.
Fruit flies are (Drosophila sp) is one of the much-studied insect related to the development of insects. The proliferation of easily observed directly with a simple technique. Each development phase is complete and does not require a long time and are easy to breed.
In the fruit fly life cycle has four stages of life: egg, first instar, second instar, third instar, pupa and imago. Female fruit flies enter the egg into the skin of the fruit or fruit in the wound in groups. The fruit fly females lay about 15 eggs. The eggs are usually white in color and is above the media.
After the first instar hatch are usually located at the bottom of the media, then move up to the media instar phase 2. In phase 3 instar approached the area around the bottle cap and pupa attached to the edge of the surface of the media. Eventually enter the phase of imago (adult).

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