Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stages of Fetal Growth In Every Month PregnancyThe following will be briefly described the stages of fetal growth in every month of pregnancy, may update fetal growth in the womb could be useful.

  1. End 1 month: baby Agency curved length of 7.5-10 mm head size 1/3 of the entire body. Channels that the heart has been formed and already throbbing. The basics of the digestive tractus already visible, the beginning of the feet and hands shaped bulge
  2. End of 2 months: His face was already clearly shaped the human face and already has arms and legs with fingers and toes. The genitals are visible, although not yet determined its kind. ± 4 cm in length.
  3. End of 3 months: 7-9 cm length of existing centers of bones, nails and sex can be determined. The fetus was moving but such subtlety of this movement so it can not be felt by the mother.
  4. End of 4 months: The length of 10-17 cm, weighing 100 grams. External genitalia can be determined kind. Skin covered with fine hair (lanugo).
  5. End 5 months: The length of 18-27 cm, weighing 300 grams. Heart sounds can already be heard.
  6. End of 6 months: The length of 28-34 cm, weighing 600 grams. Skin wrinkles and fat deposited under the skin start.
  7. End of 7 months: Length 35-38 cm, weighs ± 1000 gr.
  8. End of 8 months: 42.5 cm in length and weighs 1700 grams. The surface of the skin is still red and wrinkled.
  9. End of 9 months: The length of ± 50 cm and weighs 2500 grams. Already there is a layer of fat under the skin.
  10. The end of 10 months: 50 cm in length and weighs 3000 grams. The bark is smooth and almost no lanugo. Head covered with hair, nails exceed fingertips.

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