Friday, November 18, 2016

the aging process in humansOxidative damage to the genetic DNA of cells, accumulate along age and a major cause of human aging process and degenerative diseases during aging, including cancer, vascular disease and heart disease, deterioration of the immune system and dysfunction of the brain and nervous system such as Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease and vascular changes in the brain that we know as "senility".

The wonderful news is that DNA mutations that accumulate along with age, most can be stopped by taking appropriate antioxidants found in food, thereby inhibiting the process of deterioration in many ways.

Many bodily changes associated with human aging process. Along with age, the body undergoes various changes in biochemical wrongly accepted as the inevitable consequences of aging. When in fact the changes are signs of deterioration and disease can be reversed, sometimes with a dose sufficient nutrient substances are prevalent.

For example, when the aging, the human body tends to produce more substance in the blood called homocysteine, which causes blood to clot more easily, causing heart attacks. Many heart patients had higher levels of normal-cholesterol levels but have high homocysteine ​​levels.

Surprisingly, there is lots of folic acid in foods like spinach, and doses of vitamin B6, quickly reduce levels of homocysteine, so that the majority can remove the 'aging factor'. Thus logically remove the threat of heart disease.

Many researchers believe that in DNA is the main cause of the aging process and there is a way to slow it down. An immunological study found that an additional eighteen reasonable dose of vitamins and minerals commonly dramatically improves immune function and cut infectious diseases. With new discoveries and studies that can inhibit the aging process, we will be the cell longevity and youthful.

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