Saturday, November 19, 2016

virus functions in our livesThe role of viruses in human life broadly divided into two, namely the role of beneficial and harmful roles.

Adverse role Virus In Life

  1. In Humans: No Viruses that are harmful because they can cause disease in humans, among other causes smallpox, poliomyelitis disease, influenza, measles, rabies, bird flu, paramyxovirus, causes mumps disease, and AIDS.
  2. On Animals: virus can also cause disease in animals, such as the cause of rabies in dogs and monkeys, Newcastle disease in chickens, foot and mouth disease in livestock (mainly cattle, horses, and goats), and smallpox in cattle.
  3. On Plants: The virus can also attack in plants. For example, attacks tobacco plants, potatoes, and tomatoes; attack on citrus plants filter vessels; cause stunted rice crop.

Virus Beneficial Role In Life

  1. Role in biotechnology. Examples Baculovirus may be used as a biological pesticide to kill insects on crops.
  2. Role in making the vaccine, the inactivated virus first and then inserted into the body that serves to generate or boost the immune system.

Vaccine Preparation Techniques, there are several techniques used in vaccine production, among others:

  1. Using formalin inactivated vaccine (typhoid and polio vaccine).
  2. Using the specific part of the microorganisms that cause disease antigens to trigger an immune response.
  3. Debilitating living microorganisms by manipulating the growth conditions.
  4. Vaccines made emergency poison (toxin) which is often called a toxoid.
  5. Using organism similar to a virulent but did not cause serious symptoms.
  6. Genetic engineering is done by utilizing the genes of microorganisms that cause disease in order to produce the antigen.

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