Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vulnerable Nutritional Status PregnancyPregnant women are a vulnerable group of nutrition so greatly affect the nutritional intake of nutritional status. Nutrition of vulnerable groups is a group in society most likely to suffer from health problems or at risk of malnutrition.

Usually nutrition of vulnerable groups associated with processes of human life, and therefore this group consists of a certain age group in the human life cycle. In these age groups are in the cycle of growth and development that require nutrients in larger amounts than any other age group. Therefore, if the lack of nutrients, there will be disturbances of nutrition in health.

Nutrition of vulnerable groups consisting of:

  1. Group of infants, aged 0-1 years
  2. The group under the five year 1-5 years
  3. Groups of school children, ages 6-12
  4. Groups of adolescents, aged 13-20 years
  5. Groups of pregnant and lactating mothers
  6. The elderly.

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