Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to Keep a Fennec Fox As a Pet
Fennec foxes are exotic pets and small in size unlike a regular fox.

Fennec foxes, also knows as dessert foxes, are from the desert regions of North Africa. They are from the canine family and look a bit like miniature foxes but they are small in size, only 14-16 inches in length. When fully grown they weigh only two to four pounds. They have small sharp features and large pointy ears in fact this animal is identified by its ears. They are basically wild animals and need to be trained to be tamed.

Housing and training your pet

Your fennec fox can be put in an escape proof kennel outdoors. If you are bringing it indoors, you can house it in a dog crate. Once it is house broken and tamed, you can allow it to roam around your house.

You can keep a litter box and train it to use it. When it does the needful, you should praise it and soon it will learn. If you take it out, it should be on a leash. This animal can escape very easily and can jump a great distance. It is sociable and will be friendly with other pets and want to play with them. It also likes to burrow underground, so you have to make sure it does not escape through that route. This pet is also more of a nocturnal animal.

Fennec foxes will jump on anything so you have to be careful when they are free indoors. They can also get entangled in wires, cables and electric points should be covered. If your bathroom door is open, make sure that the toilet seat cover is down.

Feeding habits

The fennec fox is basically an omnivore and will eat everything. Dog food, cat food, vegetables, fruits, raw meat, all can be fed to this pet. To ensure good health, you can also give it a vitamin mix. You can also feed it small mice, insects and eggs.

As the fennec fox is a desert inhabitant it does not require much water. However, you should make water available to it, so that it can take it when it requires.

Bathing and grooming

Generally fennec foxes are very clean and odor free. However, you can give them a bath in a sink with warm water and a cat shampoo, when required. It will dry itself off. Avoid hosing them or using running water as it will scare them.


While fennec foxes are not expensive in terms of upkeep, costing less than many other exotic pet, buying a fennec fox is not cheap. A good breeder will sell one for between $1,000 and $2,000. It can cost even more. Do buy from a reputed breeder and make sure it comes with a health certificate.

Buying one or more?

Normally these foxes live in large groups. They also mate for life and when mature, have at least two litters a year. If you are buying a single one, you will have to take a call on whether you want to get it neutered.

It is also important to check for vets in your area who take of these exotic animals as all don’t and some charge more.

Is it legal to keep a fennec fox?

You will have to check with the local laws in your area. In some places they may be permitted, in others, you may need to get a special license to do so. In many areas, though you may be allowed to buy and keep it as a pet, you have to make sure all the necessary vaccines have to be administered to the animal.

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