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How to Keep an Fish Aquarium
An aquarium adds to the decor of a house and also provides peaceful and entertaining viewing pleasure.

Most people are fascinated by aquariums, watching various species of colorful fish in a natural type of habitat. It is not difficult to keep an aquarium in your own house. An aquarium is so relaxing that it is supposed to actually reduce stress levels and blood pressure.
keep fish aquarium
keep fish aquarium

Size of aquarium

You can buy fish tanks or aquariums of various sizes depending on how much space you want to devote to the aquarium. As the combination of glass and water is heavy, it needs to be placed on something solid and heavy, which can bear the weight. However, you can opt for plexiglass which lighter in weight, but more expensive initially. These fish tanks are usually available in gallon sizes.

Whichever size of aquarium you decide on, you will have to get the number of compatible fish accordingly.

Types of fish

There are two basic types of aquariums for freshwater fish and saltwater fish. You should take a call on which one you want. Saltwater aquariums are more expensive to buy and maintain. Obviously the type of fish in different kinds of water will be different.

Most people like to keep colorful tropical fish of various sizes and varieties, most of which are freshwater fish. Among the fish varieties that you can keep are
  • Guppies
  • Gold fish
  • Angel fish
  • Gourami
  • Mollies
  • Clownfish
  • Monkfish
  • Catfish
  • Koi
  • Minnows

There are hundreds of varieties of fish available and you should select those in various colors and sizes so that there is a good balance. Most shops which supply fish tanks also sell fishes and you have to buy fishes which can live together.

Fish tank d├ęcor

You need to have gravel at the bottom of the fish tanks. This gravel may be natural colored or brightly colored. Many people like to keep some coral and special plants. There are special plants for fish tanks. Alternatively, you can get more realistic looking plastic plants.

There are also many ornaments available for fish tanks like moving wheels, toys and more. There are also large size rocks available, all to give a more realistic environment for the fish. Lighting is also important.

Fish essentials

A filter for your aquarium is a must as is the air pump which is responsible for the bubbles in the aquarium. You will also require fish food, a small fish net to remove any debris or dead fish, a large bucket when you want to clean the fish tank thoroughly.

Levels of ammonia and nitrates have to be kept in check which you can be with a testing kit. You should also change 20 percent of the water every fortnight. If there is buildup on the glass it will need attention. Make sure you do not use chlorinated water in the tank.

You may need to keep a temperature controller, particularly if the weather or interior temperatures are not suitable for tropical fish. You will need a thermometer to check the temperature of the water and a heater may also be required.

Feeding the fish and keeping them healthy

Fish food will be available at the pet stores and you need to put in the food every 12 hours. You must not put too much food, because it will make the water dirty and can even cause a stink.

Like other living beings, fish, too, can get ill. If too many fish suddenly start dying, the water may be full of bacteria. If fish are lethargic, breathing heavily or trying to jump out, you will know something is wrong. You can find lots of remedies on the internet and you should be able to give them the appropriate treatment.

Apart from the initial expense, fish aquariums are fairly easy to maintain and do not take too much time. However, while looking at fish is relaxing, and keeping an aquarium a good hobby, you do not have too much interaction with your fish. As such fish tanks are great for hobbyists and those who do not want over demanding pets.

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